Visit when arriving by air one of the many sights around Speyer and in the Rhein Neckar Region. Just follow the link to the respective websites for more information.

Holiday Park
The Holiday Park stops at various indoor and outdoor attractions for all ages. The amusement park offers highlights such as the GeForce the Free Fall Tower or Sky Scream.

Various events and shows complete the program.
Via the B39 you reach the Holiday Park in only 15 minutes.

© Hockenheimring
Numerous Motorsport events like the DTM, Formula 1, ADAC GT Masters or Hockenheim Classics take over the whole year rather than at the Hockenheimring.

For all who are not only enthusiastic about flying, but can also have petrol in their blood from the airfield Speyer / Ludwigshafen from the Hockenheimring in only 15 min. Away by taxi.

Stadt Heidelberg
Stadt Heidelberg
The historic university town of Heidelberg with your quaint old town, castle and other historic buildings is ideal for day trips. Even the view from the Königstuhl, arriving on the mountain railway and overlooking the Rhine valley is worth a visit.

Numerous cafes and shops or the Neckar promenade invite you to stroll.

Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar
World-famous sights, cities with exciting cultural scene, beautiful landscapes and forests, famous vineyards, star restaurants and country inns, a sun-drenched climate and cheerful mentality of its residents – these properties make people with the Rhine-Neckar region in conjunction.
Rhein-Pfalz Kreis
Stadt Heidelberg
The Weinland Pfalz, the second largest German wine-growing region, offers numerous attractions: The Centers Bad Durkheim, Neustadt, Landau and Bad Bergzabern, these include; next smaller, picturesque towns like Deidesheim with its historic town hall or Freinsheim with its city wall; many small, charming wine villages of Neuleiningen in the north to Leinsweiler in the south and of course the castles that crown the Haardtgebirge.

Pfalz Touristik
The idea must have been good, otherwise they would not have been replicated elsewhere so often: When the Palatinate 1935 “their” German Wine Route founded, began the history of a phenomenon. The first and still most famous wine tourist route in Germany, although expanding in other wine regions their imitators; yet it has remained unique in their own special way. She is the epitome of a beautiful scenery and its most noble product: the Palatinate wine.

In the immediate vicinity and within walking distance from the airfield, see the following sites you can visit:

Technik Museum Speyer und IMAX 3D
Stadt Heidelberg
Visitors to the Museum of Technology in Speyer and Sinsheim, which arrive by plane in Speyer, receive a discount on the entry.

The museum is open 365 days a year and offers a wide range of topics and exhibition objects, such as e.g. the Boeing 747 or the Space Shuttle Buran, which not only technology inspire people to get your money.

Just take a look!

Stadt Speyer
You can from from airfield in only 10-15 min. From the city center of Speyer with the famous Kaiserdom walk.

Explore along the historic city on foot or with our bikes. In the flight line, you also can request a map.

With our bikes, you can also explore the many cycle paths along the Rhine