Aerokurier – Charm Offensive in Speyer

The airfield Speyer polished his image. With an open day, the operating company FSL recently celebrated the inauguration of the new tower and terminal building on the east side of the landing site. A new team is better client service.

The completion of the building also means the completion of major expansion projects, which particularly included the extension of the asphalt track from previously around 1,200 to now 1677 meters long. The expansion will come mainly business aviation to Good. For this purpose are provided in the new main building in the future even meeting rooms for conferences and relaxation rooms for crews.

The operators invited the local carriers, schools and maintenance facilities to a to present themselves at the opening to the public – an offer which was gladly accepted by many visitors from the region.

It is particularly pleasing for private pilots, that not only the infrastructure has improved in Speyer. The past year working as managing director Roland Kern, self PPL-owner, the private aviation in Speyer attaches particular importance. Was the airfield in the past hosted by the pilots at the lower end of the popularity scale, so there blows a fresh breeze now. On the frequency 118.07 MHz, there is a courteous tone. The team led by Roland Kern appreciates the pilots as paying customers and welcome guests – regardless of the take-off weight of their aircraft.

To realize this core decided to compete with a completely new team. To be found since the Tower young and motivated ATPL pilots. In the management of the operating company (FSL airfield Speyer / Ludwigshafen GmbH) tries to take into account the interests of pilots, aviation companies and local residents as much as possible. The establishment of controlled airspace does not seem to be up for debate at the moment.

This might help, Speyer to send those important who actually deserve the attractively located place. Where else in Germany can from the parked aircraft in a few minutes on foot or by bus an attractive downtown, a stunning cathedral building, an art museum, a swimming pool or cozy cafés reach the riverside?

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